“Feud” Season Two is About Princess Diana, and We Have Some Ideas About Who Will Portray Her


Turns out Ryan Murphy is considering British stars in addition to unknown actresses for the princess. We have a few of our own ideas who Lady Di should be.

Murphy has taken on some iconic historical moments in his recent projects: OJ Simpson, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, and now Princess Diana and Prince Charles. In a recent interview with Kristin Dos Santos of E!, Murphy dishes about his Feud season one experience, and other real-life public figures who will be portrayed in future projects, including Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (the next season of American Horror Story begins on the night of the 2016 election … spooky!).

One thing’s for sure, a lot of people are putting words in Murphy’s mouth about potential future seasons of Feud and AHS, and he seems to shut down rumors and be open to them at the same time. Dos Santos asks about his mention of a “gay feud” for the third season, to which he replies:

"I never said that. It was an interview on the red carpet and the reporter said, ‘Would you be open to…?’ I cant even remember….And I said, ‘Yeah, I’m open to anything.’ But I haven’t landed on that. I don’t know what it’s going to be. I feel like the Bette and Joan feud was gay enough for all of us, OK? [laughs] We did do a gay Feud!"

A+ answer.

He seems to always be in an ongoing conversation with his muses about possible projects, and apparently that’s the case with Susan Sarandon right now. “Susan and I are talking about a show to do together,” he explains. “Jessica, we’re always talking about stuff. Jessica, it’s always all about, ‘Well, what is it creatively and how is it interesting?’” This collaborative process must be one of the facets to his ongoing success.

As for the portrayal of Princess Diana, there could be a long list of British actresses in their mid-thirties being considered, as there is so much talent in that pool right now.


Carey Mulligan should definitely be in the running for this, even though she is a little younger than Di at the time of her death. She has the poise and grace needed to portray royalty, but she can also stand up for herself and convey a sense of authority and strength, as seen in films like Drive and Never Let Me Go.

Rosamund Pike should also be up for this role. She might even be perfect for it because she actually is the right age. We’ve seen her in period pieces (such as Pride & Prejudice, alongside Mulligan) and gritty action films, and her scary range in Gone Girl. If Murphy isn’t giving her some strong consideration for Feud, somebody call the police.

Other big-budget possibilities might include Kate Winslet (which would also be cool), Emilia Clarke (because Game of Thrones, but she’s not the best option), and maybe Emily Blunt (I bet she’d be a pretty blonde!). I’m sure someone somewhere is thinking Cate Blanchett even though she’s honestly way too old at this point. American possibilities might be Scarlett Johansson, Kirsten Dunst, or Maggie Gyllenhaal. Gyllenhaal might be a compelling option, her work in An Honourable Woman might be the perfect preparation for a role like Di. Personally I think the role should go to a British woman, as Di is a national icon, but who knows what could happen.

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We can all rest easy that no matter who Murphy casts for Feud Season 2, we’re in for another season of compelling, satisfying drama. The Murphy Empire has yet to disappoint, so he can keep us guessing as long as he wants!