15 Differences Between the New and Old “Mystery Science Theater 3000”

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The ‘Bots have new voices

This was a point of contention for me when the revival was announced. I mean, Tom Servo is Kevin Murphy. And while I personally was more attached to Bill Corbett as Crow T. Robot, I still loved Trace Beaulieu in the role (he was Crow longer).

So to not have those voices come back initially had me put off from the whole idea. I didn’t sell it off completely, because I still had hope.

And MST3K came through with Hampton Yount as Crow and Baron Vaughn as Tom Servo. While Yount has appeared on Conan, Ridiculousness, and did some things with the Nerdist Podcast, it was Baron Vaughn who sold me.

Because he has one of my favorite stand-up sets:

He can absolutely give Tom Servo that believable swagger, uttering lines like, “Nobody gets me, I’m the wind, baby.” And Servo’s a singer. Vaughn certainly has some practice with that.

When it comes to their riffs and their Host segments, both live up to the expectations put on them. They have an immediate rapport with Jonah. Yount brings the perfect childish sass to Crow, and while Vaughn’s Servo takes some getting used to (it has been Kevin Murphy for so long), he fills that role so well.

Both new ‘Bots voices do a fantastic job. It just takes a riff or two to figure out which voice is which in the theater.