What’s Going to Happen in House of Cards Season Five


House of Cards is coming back at the end of May and now has the challenge of creating high stakes political intrigue that’s crazier than real U.S. politics.

Now that Trump is president, reality and fiction are in stiff competition for what’s crazier and more unrealistic. No one is feeling that pressure more than our political TV shows, Veep and House of Cards. Veep premiered recently and, fortunately, is taking the action away from Washington. But how will House of Cards manage to coincide with the world of Trump?

House of Cards spent four seasons being a must-see TV show. As we watched a reckless, ambitious man do anything to get to — and keep — the White House. The last season ended with corrupt President Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and First Lady Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) declaring war on a terrorist organization to distract from bad news about their personal lives.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, show runner Melissa James Gibson admitted there are some similarities to the Trump administration, but not many.

"“Sure, the resonance sometimes feels eerie. But Trump is an outsider who’s trying to blow up the system, and Francis is the opposite… The battlefield for season 5 is the American psyche. That may be one parallel with our real world.”"

Much of season five will take viewers back into the throws of a presidential election. With the Underwoods running together as President and First Lady/Vice-President, against Republican Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman) and his wife Hannah (Dominique McElligott). The couple mirror the Underwood’s ambitions, and will be the major obstacle in their path to re-election. (Well, election — Frank conned his way into the White House.)

One thing that may give the Underwood’s the edge is their equally ruthless team: chief of staff Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) is loyal to a fault and also has no qualms with murder, and Claire’s adviser Leann Harvey (Neve Campbell) definitely can’t be trusted.

Will the bloodthirsty and heartless Team Underwood win the presidency? Maybe. Would we still prefer President Underwood to President Trump? Maybe.

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The new seasons of House of Cards will hit Netflix on May 30.