The Mysterious Lack of Title for The Upcoming Avengers Film


It’s no accident that Marvel hasn’t titled the upcoming Avengers film: they don’t want you to know what’s going to happen.

CinemaBlend covered the recent announcement regarding the forthcoming untitled Avengers film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (We also tip our hats to CBR.) The reason is actually more considered than you’d think — the title itself is a huge spoiler.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, told CinemaBlend that there is a potential title attached to the film, but it would give away what happens in Avengers: Infinity War, scheduled for release in 2018. In addition he’s been very specific about the fact that Infinity War Part 1 and Part 2 are going to be two completely different films with different stories, shot one after the other.

As CBR says, there are a lot of theories that this title might refer to a major character’s death, or it might be the title of a new film based on a popular comic book storyline. I personally believe it will be the former.

Early Infinity War rumors suggest that the team will be splintered in the first part, and with that will certainly come some casualties. CBR details a high-powered ensemble cast ranging from Elizabeth Olsen to Vin Diesel, and the Russo brothers, who will be directing Infinity War, accidentally told the world that Captain Marvel will be making an appearance. So we can expect this film to be laying some important groundwork for a new MCU frontier, and frankly I think it’s going to be a shake-up from the last ten years.


Zoe Saldana of Guardians of the Galaxy fame may have casually said that Avengers 4 is Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet or something like that. Listen closely to what she says about “War” and “Gauntlet.” Here’s video via BBC News’ Lizo Mzimba on Twitter.

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Either way, Feige’s cryptic updates are setting us up for some big changes. Be prepared to bid adieu to some longstanding Marvel family members, and hello to some completely new story lines and characters. Let’s hope these changes maintain the integrity of the Marvel Universe.