The Best and Worst Leaders in the Ministry of Magic


A successful government must be able to adapt and evolve to fit the needs of the people. And yes, that may mean changing up the leadership, even in the wizarding world. Who did the best (and worst) job leading the Ministry of Magic?

Being a leader means being a good listener and a swift decision-maker. We in the U.S. have the opportunity to choose a new one every four years. It’s similar in the wizarding world’s Ministry of Magic, where adults choose a new Minister of Magic every seven years. But like with any aspect of human nature, not everyone can be a dynamite choice. Pottermore gave us a little taste of their five choices for both best, and worst leader of the free wizards.

And yes, Cornelius Fudge makes the worst list. That whole “not believing in Voldemort’s return” kind of rubbed people the wrong way.

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The Best

The choice for the very best Minister of Magic is given to a man named Ulick Gamp. This wizard was the very first man to take the reins of the Ministry of Magic when it was founded in 1707. It was his job to basically put together the first organized government the wizarding world has ever seen.

His election came on the heels of the installation of the International Statute of Secrecy in 1692. It was a law that required any witch or wizard to shield themselves against Muggles, who had been hunting them down for years. Gamp served until 1718 and is also responsible for establishing the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, which still keeps the wizarding world in check all these years later.

The Worst

The honor for the worst actually goes to two different ministers; Damocles Rowle and Perseus Parkinson. Both these men were elected (respectively) after Gamp’s initial seating. Rowle served until 1726. He was responsible for establishing Azkaban Prison, which to this day has practices that can turn even the worst wizard into an insane, blubbering mess. Plus, only the creepiest of guys can establish a prison with Dementors as the patrolling guards.

Parkinson took over Rowle’s role in 1726. He inherited Rowle’s dislike of Muggles, even drafting a bill that would make it illegal for wizards to marry Muggles. This was viewed as far too discriminatory, leading to him leaving office in 1733.

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