Bad Guys Gone Good: Our Favorite TV Villains Who Turned Over a New Leaf

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Logan Echolls – Veronica Mars

Veronica might be the only person in the world who sees Logan as a good guy, and it even took her awhile to come around. Logan was the source of a lot of Veronica’s troubles. He was at the root of all the problems that made her high school life a living hell. He supplied the drugs that led to her date rape and he incessantly harassed her for years at school.

She didn’t always have hearts in her eyes for Logan. They broke up and got back together so much, and it was usually due to something shady or terrible he did. Anytime anything went wrong their town, she immediately defaulted to suspecting Logan. It was a natural assumption, since he was generally gross and smarmy, and he was actually involved in a lot of shady stuff.

Although Logan has a terrible reputation and an even worse attitude, Veronica sees the good side in him. And if he’s good enough for her, then he’s good enough for us. Besides, he does help Veronica in all her sleuthing and mystery solving. It doesn’t really matter that he makes a rotten and mouthy Girl Friday, he’s mostly sweet to Veronica, and there’s nothing villainous about that.