Bad Guys Gone Good: Our Favorite TV Villains Who Turned Over a New Leaf

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Mackenzie “Mickey” Murphy – The Mick

This woman is a disaster. A trainwreck of the highest sort, when she first came to take care of her sister’s children most of what she did could be considered child endangerment. She was reckless with their safety, oblivious to the pain of losing thier parents, and much more preoccupied with rooting out their wealth than their well-being.

She never had children of her own – or to even babysit, for that matter – so she was on a pretty steep learning curve. These days, she’s the sort-of competent guardian to three children, who are awful in their own right. They are spoiled, badly behaved, and don’t understand the value of what she’s is trying to give them.

That’s what makes her a good guy. She gave up her life to take care of her sister’s children when her sister had to flee the country. That’s a huge sacrifice, even if it means she gets to live in a super posh mansion and drive expensive cars. Like I said, the kids are awful.

Over time, Mickey has grown to care about them and she’s actually looking out for them. She may not be traditionally nurturing or maternal, but none of them have vanished or died yet. I’d say we can put that in the win column.