Bad Guys Gone Good: Our Favorite TV Villains Who Turned Over a New Leaf

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Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead

It might be hard to remember a time when Daryl wasn’t a total and complete hero. Back in season one Daryl was an impetuous, brazen wildcard with more swagger than he had sense. Lumped in with his redneck, trouble-maker brother, Merle, it was unclear whether or not Daryl was going to be an asset to the group or not.

As time went by, it became abundantly clear that Daryl was both emotionally and physically strong. His constant stability became an integral part of what held their band together, and leader Rick came to rely on Daryl for so many things. Rick and Daryl are an iconic duo that will probably go down in television history as the most effect team of the zombie apocalypse.

It also didn’t hurt that Daryl was an expert at hunting, tracking and surviving, and if it weren’t for his ingenuity, there would have been a lot more deaths to contend with. His good guy rep even rubbed on his brother a little, and Merle softened in his later days.

The more we get to know Daryl, the more we understand what a deep feeler he is. His physical prowess is an asset, obviously, but Daryl has evolved into the emotional center of group. There really isn’t anything more important than that.