Caturday Blogging: 8 Tips and Tricks for Grooming Your Cat

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Photo Credit: Rebekah Valentine

8. In an emergency, groomers exist

Sometimes, you just can’t do anything. Your cat who wasn’t used to bathing fell into something sticky and gross. Maybe you adopted a cat recently that hates being handled for grooming. Whatever the case, remember that professional groomers do exist and can save you from painful, frustrating sessions that leave both you and your cat unhappy.

Another option is to ask your vet about grooming at your cat’s next visit. Your vet can demonstrate the proper way to clip a cat’s nails if you’re having trouble. Or they an offer you more tips or assistance to get your cat to handle grooming better. Sometimes, they even allow you to practice the grooming in a safe environment with a vet nearby, coaching, so you can ensure you are doing it to your cat’s liking.

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Remember: keeping you and your cat happy together is the goal of cat grooming. Everything you do with and for your cat should be toward that end. By regularly grooming your cat in a manner that makes it feel healthier and happier, your affection for one another will strengthen. Your home will be a brighter, cattier place.