Stephen Colbert Takes on Bill O’Reilly Once Again


As he said after the news came out, Stephen Colbert is really quite happy about Bill O’Reilly being fired. And he is still talking about it.

It seems as if every day we have new Stephen Colbert clips of him taking on someone else. And really, he’s about the only one doing it. While Seth Meyers does a good job of taking the issues, Colbert is specifically targeting those in the news and bringing to light everything wrong.

As we stated yesterday, Colbert isn’t the biggest fan of Bill O’Reilly. So he’s thriving in this post The O’Reilly Factor world. In fact, Colbert is like a little boy. He dances around in the beginning of his monologue of sheer joy.

“You know what that means? Bill O’Reilly sexually assaulted himself. Yeah, someone has to touch it.” O’Reilly reportedly got more of a pay out than those women he has been accused of sexually assaulting so of course Colbert had to comment on it. Because really, that is an insane thing. Bill should have gotten absolutely nothing.

Stephen went on to read an excerpt from Bill’s book that seemed to truly frighten Colbert. Why? Because in the fictional novel, a news anchor who loses his job threatens those who made fun of him. You know who is famous for making fun of Bill O’Reilly?

Well, according to Colbert, it is Steve Carell but we know who really is the culprit. After all, his character on The Colbert Report was literally based on O’Reilly. So, basically, it was nice knowing you Colbert.

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As always, watch the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He is constantly taking on those making terrible waves and if Bill O’Reilly’s book turns into an actuality, it may have cost Colbert his life. So support him while you still can!