10 Things We Want to See Happen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Poe and Finn in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. Image via Disney/Lucasfilm.

7. Poe and Finn on an adventure

Despite how little we saw Finn and Poe in the first trailer, we should not forget that they are the two other members of our heroic trio.

When The Last Jedi premieres this December, I’m looking forward to more lip biting and jacket sharing. Their debuts in The Force Awakens dutifully prepared the audience for two hours of fun and adventure. It was Poe’s daring mission combined with Finn’s defection that helped the Resistance locate Luke and even destroy Starkiller base.

And not only did they play pivotal roles in the film, but they also played off each other really well. Sure, Poe and BB-8’s relationship is cute. Likewise, Finn and Rey’s seems super substantial. But we all know the best buds of the film (not including Chewsolo) were Poe and Finn. Of course, “best buds” is a euphemism for two wannabe Jedi’s whose enthusiasm alone save the Resistance.

I mean, it’s not like Han Solo was just a pilot or smuggler. Therefore, Poe should enjoy a real arc too. Han Solo went from thinking the Force wasn’t really a thing to being the authority on how exactly the Force worked. He sacrificed himself to the Rebellion, just like Finn sacrificed himself for Rey even though he had no business holding that lightsaber.

So while I said let them adventure, I really mean, let them be heroes.