Fahrenheit 451’s Newest Adaptation is Coming to HBO and Has Michael B. Jordan


Not to be outdone in adapting dystopian classics, HBO has lined up Michael B. Jordan for their take on Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

Dystopian fiction is having a heyday right now on television. Hulu has The Handmaid’s Tale on the horizon. At this point, it feels like some prestige network will probably dust Brave New World off, since 1984 is currently enjoying a theater run. Before we get to that titan, HBO has decided to go for an only-slightly-lesser-known classic: Fahrenheit 451. According to Deadline, they won’t be outdone in their lead casting, though. They’ve tapped Michael B. Jordan.

Fahrenheit 451 takes its name from the supposed fact it’s the temperature at which paper burns. (Technically, it isn’t true, as Slate explains.) Presumably, Jordan’s familiar with fire special effects. After all, he played the Human Torch in that not-so-great Fantastic Four reboot that dropped a few years ago. (It was simply too easy to pass up. You’ll have to forgive me.) But beyond that, he has some seriously great roles in films like Fruitvale Station under his belt.

They should help him play the conflicted role of Guy Montag, a fireman whose job is not to stop fires, but to cause them by destroying books should he find them and the belongings of the people who have them. Unfortunately for Guy but fortunately for us, since we then get to experience his story, he starts picking books out of the blazes.

Deadline doesn’t report a premiere date being set for Fahrenheit 451. However, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that HBO is turning to science fiction. Remember, Game of Thrones ends next year already. With Westworld returning in 2018 as well, it would be too easy and obvious for HBO to rely on another huge fantasy series. At the same time, though, genre TV has served them very well. Ergo, science fiction.

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Seriously, though: Brave New World, anyone?