Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Will Compete as a Limited Series For Its Chance at an Emmy


The Netflix revival Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will get a chance in the Emmys ring as a Limited Series when nominations are announced this summer.

After seven seasons, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life returned last November as a four-part miniseries that was meant to give fans the closure they deserved. The series picked up several years later with four 90-minute episodes that covered the course of a year. Each character, a little older and a little wiser, had a chance to tie up any and all loose ends that fans missed out on in season 7 when the Gilmore Girls series creators departed the show.

Over the course of seven seasons, Gilmore Girls delivered its fair share of emotional and memorable moments. Unfortunately, it was a little too emotional in some areas and often straddled the line between drama and comedy series. And for this reason, the show was often shut out from the Emmys. Simply put, it didn’t fit in any particular category.

However, that may change at this year’s Emmys as it’s been announced that Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will compete as a Limited Series instead.

Because the Emmys have a particular set of rules, the revival competes for the win a little differently.

Here’s how Entertainment Weekly explains:

"The Academy defines a limited series as “a program with two or more episodes with a total running time of at least 150 program minutes that tells a complete, non-recurring story and does not have an ongoing storyline and/or main characters in subsequent seasons.”"

Of course, that’s great news.

But that also means the show will go up against big hits. For example, shows like Big Little Lies or Feud: Bette and Joan will put their leads up for Best Actress. Which means, our favorite Gilmore girl will face Reese Witherspoon and Susan Sarandon. In fact, Fargo will put a bid in too.

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The Emmys won’t announce the nominations until July officially. But you can start getting nervous and rooting for your team now!