50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Photo: ABC/Bob D’Amico

Bonnie Winterbottom – How to Get Away with Murder

Bonnie Winterbottom might be played by the same actress from Gilmore Gilrs, but she’s a long way from Paris Gellar. Bonnie is kind and empathetic, but like Paris, she’s willing to get nasty if the situation calls for it. Her wardrobe is a mix of smart, classic, clean lines, and flattering shapes.

As the right hand woman to Annalise Keating, you have to be shrewd on all fronts, even when deciding what to wear. Bonnie chooses clothes that won’t distract from her fierce intellect and professional savvy. She’s prone to a column dress that show offer her sculpted arms, but she’s not afraid to take it old-school with a pink cardigan and pearls..

Bonnie may have to work within the conservative expectations of the legal field when it comes to dressing, but it doesn’t stop her from sporting a bold, red lip. Even when she’s at her most sedate, you can always see her signature lipstick. It is a perfect complement to her modern pixie cut and impossibly high cheekbones.

Bonnie rarely relaxes, so we don’t often see her in jeans or sneakers, but it’s just as well. Her image is tightly embedded in her choice of beautiful and professional clothes, and we can barely think of her in anything else.