50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Photo by Richard Cartwright/ABC

Olivia Pope – Scandal

Olivia Pope, as one of the most fabulous and incredible fixers in the TV universe, epitomizes polish and prestige. Even if I didn’t know she could save (or destroy) my life with just a series of phone calls, I could take one look at her and know she’s important.

Cultivating a look that is both timeless and incredibly modern, Olivia always looks like she’s being pulled from the ceiling by a string. Her clothes fit like they were made for her (which they probably were) and you would never, ever catch Olivia Pope fidgeting with an errant bra strap or an ill-fitting Louboutin. She mostly looks like someone carved her out of marble, and she should be sitting behind velvet ropes in a museum. But she also looks like she could roll up her leaves and do work — and I mean all the work.

Single-handedly making a white trench coat the chicest item to have, Olivia Pope doesn’t have time to worry about red wine stains or browning sleeves. Olivia is an inspiration in about a million different ways (as well as a bit of a cautionary tale in other ways), but she always looks like she could assume control of the entire world at any given moment.