Pomona Sprout: A Hufflepuff Hero


Pottermore pays tribute to an underrated hero in the Harry Potter universe: Professor Pomona Sprout.

How many Hufflepuffs really got to shine in the Harry Potter series? There’s Cedric, who was a stand-up guy who’s life was tragically cut short, and there’s Tonks, who was a total badass who’s life was tragically cut short, and that’s about it. There weren’t too many Hufflepuff characters in the series, and even fewer who really got to shine.

Maybe that’s why Pottermore has decided to pay tribute to the unsung hero of House Hufflepuff at Hogwarts: Pomona Sprout.

Pomona Sprout: the teacher

First and foremost, Professor Sprout was a great teacher who cared about her students. She was the first person to really encourage Neville and his love of herbology started in her classroom, and brought him all the way back to that classroom as the next Professor!

Her love for her students was also apparent after the death of Dumbledore, when other teachers were debating if they should close the school. Professor Sprout didn’t think so, and said

"if a single pupil wants to come, then the school ought to remain open for that pupil."

That’s the true Hufflepuff spirit right there! Hufflepuff House is open to any student who wants to be there and willingly takes in kids that maybe wouldn’t cut it in Ravenclaw (often leading to Hufflepuff’s bad reputation), but it’s about inclusivity. Anyone who wants to learn has a right to learn, and Hufflepuffs like Professor Sprout will make it happen.

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Pomona Sprout: the fighter

Despite the friendly, good-natured attitude and caring demeanour, Pomona Sprout can throw down with the best of them. Where was she during the Battle of Hogwarts? Right in the thick of it, throwing her potted Mandrakes at any Death Eater she could find.