The New Books Roundup, April 18: Aliens, a Duke, and a Dastardly Miss


Today’s new books roundup has three very different titles, including part of a push for the Aliens franchise ahead of Alien: Covenant.

Sometimes, the new books roundup, where yours truly picks a few books every week that you might find on your to-read list, gives you a link to Goodreads and piggybacks off of the official description to offer some commentary, has a theme to it. If this week has a theme, I certainly can’t find it. Read on, and we’ll see if you can.

Aliens: Bug Hunt

In case you have not noticed, we’ve made it halfway through April. That means it’s time to start pushing the May movies, especially a certain mid-May picture by the name of Alien: Covenant. That means it’s time for some new books in the franchise. Aliens: Bug Hunt collects 15 fresh short stories starring the Colonial Marines, from all parts of the current Alien timeline. Jonathan Maberry edited these stories, and the list of writers, per the cover, includes David Farland, Rachel Caine, and Scott Sigler. Titan Books; hardcover, 368 pages; list price on Amazon: $22.95.

Blame it on the Duke

Lenora Bell’s third book and third entry in the Disgraceful Dukes stars Alice Tombs, whom readers of previous books will recognize, and Nicolas, who isn’t quite a duke yet but is in fact a marquess, because the duke’s his father. A game of cards throws the two of them together, and though neither necessarily wants the marriage, it turns out they may want each other, as this is, in fact, a romance novel. The official description on Goodreads drops the word “sultry” to describe what happens next, so make of that what you will. Avon; mass market paperback, 384 pages; list price on Amazon: $7.99.

The Dastardly Miss Lizzie

Viola Carr has continued her Electric Empire series featuring Eliza Jekyll and Lizzie Hyde. If those surnames sound familiar, it’s because Eliza is Henry’s daughter. But there’s a new case for her to solve in her official work for the Metropolitan Police, and this time, the victims are scientists like her. At the same time, however, Lizzie sounds as though she’s grown tired of having to be the second personality in one body. Since her name appears in the title, we fully expect her to break out somehow. Harper Voyager; paperback, 464 pages; list price on Amazon: $15.99.

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