“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” Season 4 Episode 18 Recap: “No Regrets”


“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” levies some truth bombs this episode and reveals a heck of a lot of characters that only add to the action and suspense.

We’re still stuck in the Framework in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (and will be for a while). But everything starts to crumble at the edges …

Not-So-Short Summary

Mace and Coulson are on a mission to take down a Hydra bus in search of a prisoner (not necessarily Skye); they stage a car accident and it’s cool to see Mace have actual powers. They set Mack to the task of wiping the bus’s plates so they can use it.

Despite them going along with Simmons in the last episode, both Ward and Mace are fed up with her stonewalling and want some answers. She lays it all down, and Mace doesn’t quite believe and Ward straight-up turns it around on her — what if she’s the one coming into their world and hers isn’t real?

They don’t believe her. But Mace can’t quite shake that something might be right about Simmons’ story.

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No time to dwell, as they take the Hydra bus behind enemy lines. They’re here to find the best prisoner of all: Antoine Triplett! I may have cried when they showed him (though I may have also seen BJ Britt’s name in the beginning credits to ruin it).

Trip and Coulson search for all the kids who have been taken while Mace has a showdown with super-powered May. It’s this episode’s BMOTW!

Everything converges on the Hydra rehabilitation center after Hydra shoots a missile at it. Simmons and Ward show up and all of them try to save the kids and Mace nearly gets crushed to death.

“Snap out of it, May,” Coulson yells at her as she threatens to shoot everyone. But the kids seem to have triggered something in her. Mace props up a beam of the building to keep it from collapsing, and while everyone escapes, he sacrifices himself. I wonder what that makes him back in reality.

Meanwhile, Skye’s torture isn’t going well. Fitz has fully bought Madame Hydra’s lies. Madame Hydra takes over and excuses Fitz from the area. She dangles a very big carrot in front of Skye: offering her Lincoln. “No regrets — just each other,” she says, only wanting nothing more than where Daisy is in the real world.

After Madame Hydra leaves, Skye and Radcliffe have a heart-to-heart about Fitz through the walls of their cells. “Depending on the circumstances, anyone is capable of anything,” he explains before giving Skye details about the back door he programmed in that Aida doesn’t know about.

Back in reality, Aida checks on everyone. Mace has no vitals left, and she disengages him from the Framework.

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Post-Credits Stinger

“Is it true? That you’re an Inhuman?” May asks of Skye. Skye says she’s powerful enough to bring the house down.

So May breaks a Terrigen Crystal at her feet and smirks.

Badass Moment of the Week

The May/Mace fight. Both of them with superhuman strength? Yes, please! That final throw into a solid cement block wall looks like it hurt, too.

Best One-Liner

“I knew I was losing him when his complexion changed from ‘oatmeal’ to ‘water chestnut,'” Simmons says of Mace.

Fun shoutout to Daniel Whitehall in Hope’s history book! And welcome Mr. Runcorn from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as Fitz’s father! I’m sad it isn’t Desmond from LOST, but this is also an acceptable choice. He has that commanding personality and tone that makes you completely understand why this Fitz is the way he is.

Simmons and Ward’s heart-to-heart is a nice touch; I can’t help but side with Simmons in that while I want to believe Ward, I just … I can’t. You can see it in her expression, the pain in wanting to believe him, but knowing better.

Okay so if we got Antoine Triplett in this episode, please tell me that Bobbi and Hunter are also on their way back to the show? Hunter’s sass is needed now more than ever.

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Next week’s Agents of SHIELD brings the Inhuman power and looks like Madame Hydra takes a fall, leaving Fitz the head of Hydra. Should be fun!