Harry Potter Christmas Celebration Comes To Universal Florida


Christmas is a magical time of year for all ages. This year Universal Florida makes the holidays even more magical with a Harry Potter Christmas celebration.

Anyone who has visited Universal Orlando and its Harry Potter areas has experienced the magical, immersive worlds. Like jumping into a movie set or the pages of the books, the Harry Potter experiences are filled with details. Universal recently announced that Harry Potter Christmas celebration will be coming this year.

Harry Potter Christmas Celebration, photo by Cristine Struble

Starting November 18, 2017, Christmas will take over the Harry Potter Wizarding World. Both Diagon Alley and Hogsmead will have holiday experiences. From holiday food to special performances, guests will be transported to a Harry Potter holiday.

While complete details for this Harry Potter experience have yet to be released, Harry Potter fans surely won’t be disappointed. Even on a daily basis, the Wizarding Worlds are spectacular, magical experiences.

From hidden doors to fire breathing dragons, each and every turn in these experiences are breathtaking. The Harry Potter Christmas celebration should be a must visit for all fans.

According to a Universal media release:

"As night falls, a magical holiday transformation of Hogwarts castle will take place right before guests’ eyes. Incredible state-of-the-art projection mapping and special effects will wrap the iconic castle – bringing holiday spirit and memorable Christmas moments from the Harry Potter series to life like never before."

The projection effects are a new technique for Universal. While popular with Disney nighttime events, this projection mapping hasn’t been used at Universal. In the Harry Potter areas, Universal used dimension and spacing to create the twisting alleys, towering castles and hidden treasures.

One of the fun experiences at the Harry Potter areas is the use of wands. It will be interesting to see how wands play into the projection experience and holiday theme.

 Universal’s Holiday Parade featuring Macy’s also joins the new holiday experiences.

The Harry Potter Christmas celebration will be joined by a new parade featuring Macy’s. This collaboration is perfect for the holidays. Universal favorite characters, like the Minions and Shrek, will be featured in the holiday parade. Hopefully, some of the iconic Macy’s balloons will also make an appearance.

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The holiday celebrations at Universal Orlando will run from November 18, 2017 through January 6, 2018. Additional details regarding the holiday celebrations will be announced. Tickets, accommodations and packages can be found at