Outlander Season 3 Teaser Trailer Has Landed and We have Reactions


Just when you thought the Outlander Season 3 teaser trailer would give us a reprieve from Droughtlander, it nearly broke us all.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nine months since the Outlander season 2 finale, because it feels so much longer. Outlander fans have been looking forward to this weekend not just because of the premiere of Starz new promising hit show, The White Princess but for the promise of the first season 3 teaser trailer of Outlander. Fans of the show are still looking at another five months before season 3 premier so getting this teaser trailer couldn’t be more perfectly timed. Since season 3 is still in production in South Africa, many have been wondering how much would Outlander show in its teaser? We have to admit that the folks at Starz and Outlander didn’t disappoint.

Take a look at the teaser trailer, and let’s dive in.

If you are still alive after watching that trailer, count yourself lucky. We almost had a breakdown midway through the 40 second teaser trailer. It was genuinely felt like seeing a family member you haven’t seen in years but are always glad to see. That feeling was short lived after seeing what looks like a half dead Jamie after the Battle of Culloden. We should’ve known this would break our hearts considering in the very beginning of the trailer we see Jamie coaxing Claire through the standing stones. We also see a very defiant Jamie fighting for his life at the battle and shooting a Redcoat.

On the flip side, we see a jubilant Claire and Frank at Brianna’s graduation. Color me shocked. Are we going to get the Claire and Frank back story we deserve? I think it’s a safe bet we are. I have to say I’m disappointed in one area. Some noticeable absences from the teaser trailer are Lord John and Young Ian. I would have liked to see just a glimpse of them, but I understand. This teaser trailer was just about Claire and Jamie. Let’s hope John and Ian will have an appearance in the next trailer.

If the visuals weren’t enough, hearing Jamie’s tortured voice was like a dagger through the heart. His parting words to us as we go back into Droughtlander are…

"“I will find you…I promise.”"

Will someone sedate me? Because I’m an emotional wreck.

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Dinna fash yersel! Outlander season 3 will be back September 2017, and we’re sure they will have another trailer before the premiere.