25 TV characters you want to be best friends with because they’re cool and you know it

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Erika (Jayne) Girardi – Dancing with the Stars/Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

This is one housewife that I actually don’t want to punch. Not only do I not want to do Erika physical harm, but I really want to hang out with her. This woman has all the chill and keeps its 100 no matter what. She’s not afraid to eat until she’s full, admit when she feels insecure, or be proud of her accomplishments.

Unlike most of the other ladies in the Housewives franchises, Erika is an actual person. She’s not all persona and performance, except when she’s assuming her other persona and performing as Erika Jayne. It may sound like she’s got an entertainer’s ego, but she doesn’t.

Since she’s from Georgia (and I always gravitate to fellow Southern ladies), she’s grounded in her roots. She may be super Beverly Hills now, but you can see the country come out when you cross her. She’s been accused of being “cold” and “reserved” but really, she’s just classy. She could get along with anybody, no matter the setting. And I love a woman with a foot in two worlds. Take her anywhere, and I dare her not to fit in anywhere. It’s the Georgia in her, for sure.

She’s a girl’s girl, and can get along with anybody, as long as they aren’t treating her badly. She won’t tolerate disrespect, and when she goes in, you better look out. She would make an incredible best friend, but don’t cross her.