25 TV characters you want to be best friends with because they’re cool and you know it

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Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Veronica Lodge – Riverdale

Although, on the surface, Veronica may seem like a mean girl, her friendship with girl-next-door Betty Cooper is setting the standard in female relationships. They aren’t trapped in a tragic love triangle, clawing at each other’s backs while smiling sweetly to the other’s face. They seem like genuine friends, and Veronica, far cooler than Betty, would such a good bud to have.

Ex-mean girl, Veronica, fled to Riverdale from New York, disgraced by her money-laundering father. Now that she and her mother have landed back in mom’s hometown, she’s vowed to be a better person, and she’s doing an incredible job at self-betterment. She immediately squashed any competition over a crush between her and Betty, and she’s turned the other cheek more times than is logical when it comes to current Queen Bee, Cheryl Blossom.

She’s bold and cheeky, and doesn’t hesitate to give you real talk when you need it, but she’s never needlessly cruel or catty. She’s the kind of friend you can turn to when you need a shoulder, but she’ll also tell you the truth about those bangs you just cut. Of course, she’ll probably know the best stylist to help you out with your new bang problem.