25 TV characters you want to be best friends with because they’re cool and you know it

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Photo: Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures Television/AMC

Tulip O’Hare – Preacher

This lady is ten pounds of dynamite in a five pound sack. Tulip blew into town chasing the love of her life, and this lady wrought all kinds of havoc. The best part of it all is that she just didn’t care. She wasn’t answering to anyone, nor did she care what anyone thought of her. She was bound and determined to live her life exactly the way she wanted. No apologies. No equivocations.

Man, I wish I could give up my inhibitions like this woman does. I think if we were best friends, she would teach me about living in a way that I couldn’t learn from anyone else. She is her own lady boss, and she will not be backed down by anybody — even if it’s an Irish vampire or heavenly hit squad.

Even when she was trying to conform to traditional, heteronormative conventions, she did it with complete abandon. She’s an expert at fighting, explosions, evading bounty hunters, and having incredible skin, but she also threw herself into making a home cooked meal like nobody’s business. Yes, she looked a little foolish when she burned it all, but she’s willing to risk it to get what she wants.

I have so much to learn from Tulip. Having her as best friend would be a constant excercise in “watching and learning.” She knows how to go after she wants, and she will not accept anything less.