5 Decadent Sweets to Overwhelm Your Easter Sweet Tooth

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The Peep Shake

For the folks in the States looking for some Easter sweets they don’t have to bake themselves, Black Tap in New York City is bringing forth something new from the depths of Easter dessert land: a ridiculous shake. It’s called the Peep Shake (I wonder why) and is a hot pink wild cherry ice cream shake topped with fudge-dipped marshmallow Peeps and covered in sprinkles. Woah.

Black Tap is open until midnight on Easter Sunday, which is a darn good thing, because this sucker is only available on that very day. You’ll likely need to line up for this or any of Black Tap’s other highly-decadent shakes, and if you’re in for a full Easter meal, no worries. They serve non-sugary foods, too.

I have to hand it to Black Tap, though. Their presentation is fabulous. I’d much rather look at the Peep Shake than make any attempt to consume its hype-inducing liquid sweetness. (Seriously, there’s frosting involved, too, underneath all of those sprinkles.) This would surely be at the top of the list for the most ludicrous Easter treat, if some crazy folks in the UK hadn’t taken the idea of a Peep Shake a step farther.

No, seriously.