5 Decadent Sweets to Overwhelm Your Easter Sweet Tooth

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Bunny Butt Cake

There are any number of ridiculous Easter desserts you can make in your own kitchen, but this one has the honor of being both decadent and irrationally cute. This isn’t your average Easter bunny cake. Rather, it’s just the bunny’s butt sticking out of a cake tray. (The ears you can see in the photo are made of construction paper, alas.) How Mr. Bun got stuck in a cake tray is beyond anyone’s knowledge, but now you can chow down on his Easter dessert posterior at the culmination of your Easter festivities.

Betty Crocker has the full recipe, and it’s mercifully simple, making it a great last-minute choice for those still hunting for a dessert other than the candies you may or may not have stashed away already. You’ll need the usual cake mix (yellow or white) and frosting, a big ol’ marshmallow, shredded coconut for the fur, both red and green food coloring, and some specific candies. You’ll also need to be an apt hand at frosting things so they don’t look totally stupid, which is where I fail at recreating this treat. If you are more talented than I, you can tackle this bunny bum, thrilling and amusing your friends and family before they are wowed by your chef skills.