5 Decadent Sweets to Overwhelm Your Easter Sweet Tooth

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The Fior-egg-tina

Drop the pineapple on pizza debate for just a second and argue about this thing with me. What the heck is this? Answer: not a Fiorentina, which is a delicious variety of pizza with spinach, mozzarella, tomato, and egg. No, this is a Fior-egg-tina, a riff off of the traditional pizza made by the Crust Bros. via Deliveroo in the UK, and it…actually sounds kind of good. Instead of tomato sauce, the base is strawberry, and it’s topped with mascarpone, mint, and Cadbury Creme Egg. Whoops, there’s that Cadbury egg again. (It’s an Easter staple, so I get it.)

But, okay, the Crust Bros. may have actually created the only thing on this list that’s edible by your average human who can handle small to normal amounts of sweets. I don’t think I’d be ordering this thing even if I lived in the UK, but if someone were to offer me a slice, I’d totally try it. You can even get Mini Egg sprinkles on top instead of parmesan cheese if that’s your pleasure.

Per the website, Sunday is the last day to order this bizarre creation, so if you’re in an area with Deliveroo, consider trying this Easter invention.