Carrie Fisher Will Not be Making an Appearance in Star Wars Episode IX According to Kathleen Kennedy


Star Wars without Leia isn’t really something we want to think about, but we have to since the passing of Carrie Fisher and Kathleen Kennedy has news.

Well, the rumors of Leia and Carrie Fisher being a part of Episode IX were put to rest. Entertainment Weekly talked with Kathleen Kennedy about where the plans for Leia and the ninth installment of the Star Wars series were headed, and unfortunately, it is heartbreaking.

Kathleen said that, despite what Todd Fisher said, Carrie will not be featured in the next movie. The family has given them the rights to use her image, but Kennedy said that doesn’t mean it will happen.

That’s likely due to the potential use of CGI. Fans were none too happy with the CGI Leia that was featured in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. That might sway Disney and Lucasfilm from using her CGI image for any other future movies.

But really, what is going to happen with Leia then in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi? We as fans can’t really handle anything happening to her since the wounds from Carrie’s death are still fresh.

So whatever they end up deciding to do with her as a character, it is still very clear that fans are still reeling from the death of the beloved Carrie Fisher. If the tribute for Carrie at the Celebration showed us anything, it was that she was loved and that we surely miss her still.

Maybe we’ll still have same Leia or maybe they’ll give her a loving send off. Whatever it is, the Last Jedi looks amazing.

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Leia will always be our hero and Carrie will always be missed. But maybe this is a good thing. Where do you stand on the no Leia in Star Wars Episode IX? Sound off in the comments below!