50 Actors Who Could Play the Next Doctor on Doctor Who

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McGrath can currently be seen playing Lena Luther on the CW drama “Supergirl” (Photo: The CW)

Katie McGrath

While Katie McGrath may be a bit of an unconventional pick to play the Thirteenth Doctor, she would certainly be an interesting one. She would make a fantastic Time Lady for multiple reasons – she’s beautiful, talented and comes with an extremely enthusiastic fanbase, many of whom are probably new to Doctor Who.

Though she initially wanted to be a fashion journalist, McGrath ended up trying acting while working as a wardrobe assistant on Showtime series The Tudors. Her real breakout role was as the Lady Morgana on popular BBC fantasy drama Merlin. Within the world of the show, her character ran the gamut from a heroine to a villainess and everything in between. She was sympathetic, infuriating and entertaining by terms. No matter how wild – or potentially nonsensical – Morgana’s story and motivations got, McGrath sold it. After Merlin ended, she went on to roles in Dracula, Labyrinth, Slasher, Frontier, Jurassic World and more.

Unfortunately – for the purposes of this fantasy casting anyway – McGrath might not be available to play the Doctor. She’s been playing Lena Luthor on the second season of CW drama Supergirl and just got upgraded to series regular status for Season 3. Now, this doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t be able to do any other jobs or anything. However, the scheduling demands involved in making Doctor Who are no joke, and would probably preclude having almost any other role. If she were still recurring on Supergirl? Maybe it works out. But with her new regular status, the timing certainly seems…unlucky. But who knows, stranger things have happened.