50 Actors Who Could Play the Next Doctor on Doctor Who

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Eva Green in “Penny Dreadful”. (Photo: Showtime)

Eva Green

She may be a French actress by birth, but Eva Green would be a perfect choice to play this very British role. When Doctor Who finally decides to cast a female Doctor, that person is going to have to be fairly remarkable, and Green is certainly that. Career-wise, she’s played everything from a Bond girl (Casino Royale) to a witch queen (The Golden Compass) to Morgan Le Fay (Camelot) to the warrior leader of an ancient Greek city state (300: Rise of an Empire). Most recently she starred as Vanessa Ives in Showtime series Penny Dreadful, a powerful and emotionally tortured medium with many secrets. And she was phenomenal in it.

If you ever watched Penny Dreadful, you know that Green is not afraid to play dark, or to put herself through the emotional ringer in her performance. Watching her act is downright painful sometimes. And not because she’s terrible – the furthest thing from it actually – but because her performance is so gut-wrenching that it’s difficult to watch. That she would throw herself into the role of the Doctor with the same gusto seems obvious. It seems equally obvious that Thirteen would probably not require quite the same level of emotional rawness. But Green would be a perfect vehicle to tackle some of the darker aspects of the Doctor. Her take on the character would likely to wrestle with the more tragic elements of the Time Lord’s history, and that would doubtless be extremely interesting to watch.

Plus, if Green’s previous roles are anything to go by, you know her Thirteen would have a killer outfit.