50 Actors Who Could Play the Next Doctor on Doctor Who

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Iwan Rheon as Ramsay Bolton on “Game of Thrones”. (Photo: HBO)

Iwan Rheon

If you’re only familiar with Iwan Rheon’s work as the walking human nightmare Ramsay Bolton on Game of Thrones, you might think this is kind of a strange pick. Though to be fair, Rheon’s performance as Ramsay was electrifying in its awfulness, surely a sign of a strong actor. And his resume beyond this role is stellar, with a lot of strong roles that more than show his range as an actor.

Prior to Thrones, Rheon was probably best known for his performance as Simon on E4’s Misfits. The show, a sort of teen version of Heroes, told the story of a group of young offenders working community service together who end up with superpowers. Simon’s power was invisibility, meant to reflect his personal struggles with shyness and feeling ignored by others. He eventually becomes a superhero in his own right, and his journey made for pretty great TV. In fact, Rheon ended up having to play two versions of himself, as time travel was of course involved. And he was really great at it. (Simon was one of the best parts of Misfits, and the show was never really the same once Rheon left following Season 3.)

Unfortunately, this particular bit of fancasting seems extremely unlikely, given that Rheon just landed a lead role on Marvel’s upcoming Inhumans series. Unless the this latest big Marvel property flops (which seems unlikely), he’ll probably be too busy to take on a time commitment like Doctor Who. But we can dream, right? I imagine that his Thirteen would be something along the lines of Misfits’ Simon, personality-wise, but with some of the adorableness of Ash from Vicious thrown on top for good measure. (And we already know that he’ll be great at doing the darker episodes, yeah?)