50 Actors Who Could Play the Next Doctor on Doctor Who

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A very dreamy shot of Jack Davenport in period medical drama “Breathless” (Photo: Masterpiece/ITV Studios)

Jack Davenport

Jack Davenport is one of those British actors who has been in every kind of show. He’s done comedies (Coupling) and dramas (Breathless, Ultraviolet). He’s appeared in feature films (the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Kingsman) and on American television (Smash, Flashforward). His resume is very impressive and full of all kinds of things. But while he has a couple of things in post-production at the moment, he’s not exactly working on a huge new project at present. Sounds like a perfect time for him to dive into something new, yeah? Possibly a massively popular sci-fi franchise?

Davenport’s a charming actor, and has broad appeal. And he’s proven capable of playing a wide variety of roles. Plus he’s also a star at reciting long sets of dialogue in an incredibly believable way, no matter how silly, ridiculous or otherwise strange the words might be. Not for nothing, but that’s basically what a good 60% of playing the Doctor is. Running around doing a lot of monologues, some of which are humorous and some of which are dramatic. Right?

Most importantly, Davenport is also extremely dreamy. This isn’t really the most important thing, of course. His acting ability is obviously a bigger deal. But the fact that he’s very easy on the eyes certainly can’t hurt. If we’re all banking on the fact that the BBC wants to cast someone that will be both exciting to watch and fairly swoon-worthy at the same time, then Davenport is a natural choice. I mean, have you seen the promo photos from Breathless, that 1960s period drama he did? It’s a good look on him. Just saying. Maybe a sonic screwdriver and some kind of dramatic jacket would be too.