Watch Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley Introduce Three Star Wars Force For Change Experiences


To kick off the Force for Change fundraiser, Star Wars stars Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley visited Good Morning America to unveil three cool experiences.

Star Wars Force for Change is a great way for something as big and magnificent as the Star Wars franchise to give back to the community. Additionally, it’s another way for them to connect with fans, because basically what they do is encourage fans and people like us to get involved for a good cause. While money is raised for Unicef and Starlight Children’s Foundation, fans have a chance to win cool once-in-a-lifetime Star Wars prizes.

This morning, two of the franchise’s biggest stars (Is this even debatable? I mean, we all know Mark is the foundation, but who would you say is the second-biggest star? Let me know in the comments, please.) visited Good Morning America (actually, it was pre-taped back in March) to reveal three Star Wars experiences.

Check it out:

Each week, a different prize is available to anyone who participates in Force for Change. And as Mark explains, once you pledge, you also become eligible to win all three!

Here they are again:

  • An overnight stay at Skywalker Ranch — don’t let Daisy Ridley trick you, she’s never been. But if you win, you can try to invite her to go with you. I say “try” because she seems open to the idea for the camera only. But, hey, dreams …
  • Appear in the upcoming Han Solo film due for release sometime next year
  • Attend Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiere with the cast of the film

The last one is my personal favorite as well. Because you can sneak into Skywalker Ranch anytime, but The Last Jedi‘s only going to premiere once. Also, Adam Driver.

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The campaign will take place until May, but you probably shouldn’t wait around to get involved.