A Deep, Reactionary Dive into the “Thor: Ragnarok” Trailer


“Thor: Ragnarok” dropped a teaser trailer out of the blue Monday morning. And it is something to behold. We’ve got a deep look at some of the highlights

If you missed yesterday’s premiere of the Thor: Ragnarok trailer, don’t worry, I didn’t realize it was a thing either!

And what a thing it is! There’s so much to digest that I think I just need to dive into it without any more exposition.

Image from Thor: Ragnarok trailer via Marvel/Disney

The Helmet!!

Thor finally has his helmet and it is glorious. I feel like Bender on Futurama,Oh my god, it’s Elzar!

Okay technically we got a glimpse of a helmet in the first movie, but it was so fleeting that it took me a Google search to remember. But this one feels worth the wait. The way the wings slide up into place when he gets into the arena.

If you wanted a badass helmet, you’ve got one.

The Humor

This was the one thing that worked well in The Dark World, and it mostly came in the banter of Thor and Loki. While it worked well, it didn’t really fit with the feel of the rest of the film.

I’ve already theorized that Ragnarok could be the funniest Thor outing yet, just from that Comic-Con footage of what Thor did during Civil War. This trailer shows a lot of hard hitting action, but it’s overshadows by Thor’s genuine happiness at seeing Hulk and commenting, “We’re friends from work!”

Photo credit Marvel Comics


Cate Blanchett’s Hela definitely looks like a force to be reckoned with. Which makes sense, because in the comics, she’s the daughter of Loki (not the one we know) and also reigns over Hel. She constantly tries to expand her control to Valhalla, but Thor and Odin usually put that to a stop.

Plus we see her helmet from the comic books in all its insane glory.

Goth Galadriel for the win! Might she be the MCU’s cure for its villain problem?

Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster

This whole thing looks extremely campy—and in a good way. The Thor comics have always had a campy feel to them, and while The Dark World had notes of it with the splashes of humor, this looks to be owning up to it.

So Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster looks like he’s going to fit into the tone of the movie perfectly, and it also looks like he’s pretty much just playing himself.

Mjolnir Getting Destroyed

Okay this does not bode well for our Asgardian god friend. I mean, nothing in the trailer bodes well for Thor, but throughout all the other movies, he puts a lot of stock in Mjolnir.

So does Mjolnir reform on its own when Thor is worthy again? Or will we be seeing an Infinity Stone used to repair the hammer?

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We’ll find out when subsequent trailers premiere and when Thor: Ragnarok comes to theaters on November 3rd!