Angie Tribeca Season 3 Has an All-Star Cast with Chris Pine and Natalie Portman


When it comes to weird comedies that we love no matter how strange they are, Angie Tribeca is high up on that list. And this season comes with all-star cameos!

For those of us who love Parks and Recreation and Rashida Jones, Angie Tribeca was a gift from the gods. It is witty and hilarious and just weird enough for us all to love it. So what does season 3 have for us that will make us love it even more?

Well, for me, it has Chris Pine playing a Hannibal Lecter like character. (Honestly, who went into my brain and decided to give me my dream?) It even comes with Chris saying “You’re in heat”, a phrase I never want my favorite actor to ever say again!

And no, I’m not kidding. Check the promo out below:

Not only is Mr. Pine making appearance but so is Natalie Portman. She’ll be later in the season. It really shouldn’t be any surprise that the show has great stars wanting to be a part of it! After all, Angie Tribeca did have Bill Murray guest starring in its very first season and then followed that with a Jon Hamm cameo in season 2. This is just another step up, in other words.

Basically, if you aren’t watching Angie Tribeca, you’re truly missing out on one of the great comedies on television right now. And with the way the world is going, we need fun shows like this one. Besides, any show that gives me Chris Pine, Captain Kirk himself, pretending to be a creepy serial killer is a show that we all should appreciate and cherish for their ingenuity.

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Are you going to tune into Angie Tribeca this season and enjoy everything this show has to offer? (If you want to watch, the premiere episode is already up on TBS.)

Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts on the new guest stars and any other news from season 3!