Haven’t Read a Wrinkle in Time Yet? Here’s Why You Should


Ava Duvernay’s A Wrinkle in Time is coming out in less than a year so if you haven’t read the books yet, now is the time to get on it!

Being a girl in this world is hard but reading A Wrinkle in Time makes it a little easier. Why? Because it shows us that we can be the hero in our own stories! No, really! We can even save our own fathers and be important!

To be fair, this book has been empowering little girls since 1960. I just happened to be late to the game and didn’t get to read it until I was an adult. Why? Because my schools never taught it to me. Which really is a reflection on our education system. Why not let little girls read this book series and see that they’re just as important as the boys?

Probably because that wouldn’t bode well for the female psyche and how we see ourselves. But whatever the case may be, this book isn’t just for children. In fact, I think it might be more beneficial for those of us who are reading it as adults.

The Importance of Meg

Here’s the thing about being a girl: we’re never really the heroes. Even when we are supposed to be, there is some man who can do it better. So when it comes to A Wrinkle in Time, it truly is still revolutionary. Meg thinks she needs her father and Calvin and Charles Wallace.

She thinks without them, she couldn’t possibly succeed. But then we see that it was Meg all along who had to save them all. Meg is the one who is strong enough to save her brother, father, and friend.

Already that’s cool without even adding all the science stuff into the mix! A girl saving everyone? We rarely see that and really, that is a shame.

The Film

Ava DuVernay is doing an amazing thing with this movie. She’s getting fans from every walk of life into this film with the collection of actors she has portraying these iconic parts, and she’s very open about the process on her Twitter account!

To be honest, I picked up this book for the first time because my favorite actor is in the movie. Chris Pine is playing Dr. Alex Murray (Meg’s father) and I thought to myself that it was time to finally read this series. Lucky for me, I fell in love with the books and have been lost in reading them ever since.

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So whether you’ve read the book or not, you have plenty of time. A Wrinkle in Time comes to theaters April 6, 2018 and we’re excited!