Here’s Pictures of the Harry Potter Themed Wedding You Would Die For


Looking to make your wedding stand out? Here is a very Harry Potter themed wedding you would be willing to fight a Dementor to get.

In the United States, wedding season is upon us. Couples have spent time and money to have a day they will never forget. While many couples choose to have a very formal affair, others decide to show off what they love the most. For Cindy and Matthew, it’s the world J.K Rowling created. Thanks to Martha Stewart Weddings magazines feature, we can drool over the Harry Potter wedding of the century.

Here are pictures from the wedding.

You can feel the magic just looking at the pictures. The floating candles over the bewitching couple is almost too much. Just imagine getting a wedding invitation in the same style as the Marauder’s Map? RSVP? Um, yes, please.

Cindy and Matthew’s wedding reception was also received the Harry Potter treatment. The couple had the reception to looking like The Great Hall in Hogwarts. They had themed drinks and beautiful centerpieces. As an added touch, each place setting had a chocolate frog.

Cindy and Matthew were only able to pull off this incredible wedding because of their friends. Everyone came dressed for the occasion and even took part in sending off the couple with their own wands. We can’t help but think J.K Rowling would be proud of this very themed Harry Potter wedding. In the article in Martha Stewart Weddings, it doesn’t state how much this wedding would set you back, but we can imagine this does not come cheap. But that’s ok. One of the great things about a Harry Potter wedding isn’t how much it cost but the magic you put into it.

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How could you not just love this wedding? Tell us in the comments what was your favorite part.