Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s Next Disney Movie is Jungle Cruise


The Dwayne Train keeps on chugging along as news breaks that Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s next collaboration with Disney will be the Jungle Cruise adaptation.

Even if you’re not any sort of wrestling fan, you definitely should be a fan of rocks. Or at least, The Rock. Because Dwayne Johnson never stops working and building his uncappable star power and social media presence. Without a doubt, The Rock is still a fan favorite. His latest film Moana saw him take up the voice of Maui and soon, he’ll bring Jumanji back to life in a retelling of one of the most beloved Robin Williams films.

Obviously, he’s a very hard worker. He promotes all his projects on social media a lot and is the driving engine behind the Baywatch reboot. And now, his next project will see him team up with Disney yet again to bring the adaptation of Jungle Cruise to life.

For those who don’t know, Jungle Cruise is a popular ride at the Disney Theme Parks that gives attendees a chance to sail down a river as the captain of the ship acts as tour guide. The film is slated to go into production sometime next year. If you think about it, that’s really not that far away.

Of course, The Rock has several films coming out between then and now, but according to reports, Jungle Cruise has been on his radar for a couple of years already. So now that things are lining up, like a script, Mr. Johnson’s ready to get on board.

(No pun intended.)

The ride itself is pretty straightforward, but I’m sure the film will have a lot more disastrous elements to it. Think Jurassic Park meets … well … Jumanji. It will likely be a fun adventure in the same vein as some of Johnson’ previous works like Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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With production beginning next year, stay tuned for more Jungle Cruise coverage in the future.