Yates and Waterston Address That Deleted Scene


‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ is now available on DVD and Blu-ray, and thanks to the release, the juicy extra features are now available at our fingertips. Mugglenet caught up with David Yates and Katherine Waterston about one of the 11 deleted scenes in particular.

The scene in question, of course, takes place between Tina and Graves, and we have questions. Thanks to Mugglenet, some of them were answered.

"Set after the pastry suitcase debacle at MACUSA, Tina and Newt are about to go down in the elevator when Graves stops them. He encourages Tina, tells her not to worry about Seraphina Picquery, and at the very last moment, wipes that pesky smudge of mustard from her top lip."

It’s the kind of intimate moment that shippers of every fandom hope for – a subtle, gentle touch, eyes locked. Maybe we never saw more, or got enough, but Yates admits that it was a charged moment, nonetheless – and at some point in time, there was the idea of going there.

"Yates: I love that scene. It’s one of my favorite… [it] came out about halfway through the editing process. But I love it. I love the way Colin [Farrell] does what he does. Their relationship is really intricate. But what it did was it set something running in your head about you wanting more of that in the rest of the movie, and then we went somewhere completely different with it. So it sort of set up a false promise in a way."

Waterston’s Take

Waterston, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to ship it – but admits there may have been a little crush. I’ll take it.

"Katherine Waterston: I think that at the beginning of the film, Tina is in awe of her boss and thinks he’s a great man and wants to show him her dedication to her work and that she’s good at her job. She definitely wants to please him, and I think that there might be a little bit of a crush there, but it’s not something in a sense that she articulated to herself. And of course she only wants to be at her best self around him, which is what’s, I thought, so great about the mustard scene. It’s absolutely mortifying that she thinks she’s really taking care of business, and she looks ridiculous and is called out for it."

Here is the full transcript of Wasterston’s interview with Mugglenet, as well as more tidbits.

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