Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas) Takes On a New Role of Epic Proportions


Whether you’re a Potterhead or have binge-watched his ABC show, Alfred Enoch fans can get excited about this new project. Only this time the drama is real and legendary.

He played one of the more easy-going characters in the Harry Potter series (and was caught snogging Ginny a few times here and there). Young actor Alfred Enoch has moved on from the wizarding world and is currently enjoying a role on ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder. Now we’re learning he has another project in the works; The BBC/Netflix miniseries Troy: Fall of a City.

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Written by Emmy Award winner David Farr, the eight-part series follows the Greek mythos surrounding the judgment of Trojan prince Paris. That includes the torrid love affair he had with one-time Spartan queen Helen, which ultimately led to downfall of a city whose walls were once thought to be impenetrable.

Alfred Enoch is set to play the Trojan general Aeneas, who fought in the great war but fled the city as it burned. That escape allowed him to move on and help found Rome. Aeneas was also the son of Greek Goddess Aphrodite, meaning he got all the good looks, making Enoch a perfect candidate for this role.

Game of Thrones star Joseph Mawle (Benjen Stark) will also make an appearance as clever Odysseus, a role taken by GoT alum Sean Bean in the 2004 film adaptation Troy.

Cast and crew are on filming locations in South Africa right now. So far, we don’t have an airdate, but we’ll be standing by for the series release on BBC One, and eventually Netflix for those of us stateside.

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If you can’t wait to see Alfred Enoch in action, you can catch episodes of How to Get Away with Murder with subscriptions to ABC Go or HULU.