Feud: Bette and Joan Episode 5 Trailer and Synopsis


With Oscar night rapidly approaching, the stakes for Bette and Joan are higher than they’ve ever been. Find out what’s next for the ladies and their continued Feud below.

We watched the women fight tooth and well-manicured nail to have the production of their film even considered. We witnessed roadblock after white, straight, male roadblock on their long, dramatic road to Baby Jane. And we experienced their less-than-mature, but sometimes necessary, on-set behavior. We got a firsthand glimpse into the film’s surprise success, and the way each woman dealt with the sudden pressure of reentering the spotlight, and the desperate hope to stay there. And now, we’re living in the aftermath.

Joan has resorted to alcohol to cope with the stress. Bette has agreed to ridiculous television spots to continue riding her wave of success while the tide remains high. And, despite what had been oft-promised by studio heads and confidants alike, Bette has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress, and Joan has been overlooked. But because nothing with these ladies is ever simply what it is, the imminent threat of Oscar night is already sending Joan into full feud mode- more intensely than we’ve seen yet.

Check out the trailer below for more salacious details of what’s to come.

Because this is a Ryan Murphy show, and the ladies come first even when we’re dealing with a show wherein the ladies’ systematically coming second is a theme, an Oscar reenactment episode is sure to be nothing less than a glamorous, star-studded dream. And with the added drama of Joan’s certain sinister behavior, and the strange humor of Bette’s signature blazing apathy, we’re likely to endure a real season highlight this week. The official word on episode 5 is below:

"Bette is on track to win a record-breaking third Best Actress Oscar and Joan and Hedda launch a clandestine campaign against her."

Just like on the night of the actual Academy Awards, there really is no other option than to prepare yourself for anything, expect the unexpected, and deal with whatever may come along. Because, even though this is a bioseries, our ladies are so unpredictable, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that they’d still find a way to surprise us.

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