Pottermore on How Harry Potter is Different if You’re a Parent


Harry Potter turns 20 this year. For many of us, that means we are sharing the book series with our children. Pottermore shares ten parent moments that might feel different.

It’s kind of amazing to think Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone celebrates it’s 20th anniversary this year. This means many of us have never known the world without Harry Potter and that’s just fine with us. Many of the fans who have grown up with Harry Potter are now becoming parents. Being a parent means teaching your child what’s right from wrong but also sharing your favorite book series. If you were a child of the early 90s, this probably means sharing your favorite book series, Harry Potter. Some parents are sharing the book series with our children for the very first time. For some parents, rereading the book series as an adult gives them a perspective they didn’t have before. The fantastic website Pottermore decided to explore ten moments that might have a different meaning now that you’re a parent.

1. Hagrid’s Lament

In Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone, Hagrid must carry baby Harry to The Dursley’s for safety keeping. This event hits Hagrid the hardest since he is also an orphan.

2. Something to Reflect On

Many times during the series Harry goes to the Mirror of Erised and gets to see his family. Teaching us that it’s OK to look back but we should appreciate what we have when we have it.

3. Molly’s Ire

As many children can attest to parents will continue to nag them, but it’s for a good reason. Molly wants nothing but to protect her kids from the world that trying to do them harm.

4. The Anguish of Amos

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Cedric Digory is killed by Voldemort. His parent’s grief it’s palpable. No parent wants to bury their child.

5. ‘Have a Biscuit, Potter’

Professor McGonagle loves Harry very much, but even he has his moments. While McGonagall is very stern, she will alway have a soft spot for Harry.

6. A Telling Boggart

Most children see a Boggart as something they fear. Whether it be whatever haunts their dreams or something very real, it isn’t really that life damaging. Now image what a parent would see.

7. The Tragedy of Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom

The Longbottom’s were tortured by Bellatrix. All poor Neville has left is empty Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum wrappers his mother gives him.

8. Lost Memories

In an effort to save her parents and mine he modifies her parent’s memory of her basically making her an orphan

9. Molly’s Revenge

Never mess with a mother and her children. After seeing her son dead, Molly came into her rage.

10. We Open at the Close

Our job as parents is to protect our children, and that’s exactly what Lily did.  Her sacrifice of her life was not in vain because it was for Harry.

While you might have read Harry Potter series a half a dozen times as a child when you become a parent things take on a different meaning. That’s a real testimony to world JK Rowling created and the readability of her books.

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Tell us in the comments what part of the Harry Potter series takes on a new meaning now that you are a parent.