25 reasons why Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation is the best

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18. Li’l Sebastian

When Li’l Sebastian died, everyone felt the loss. Leslie was upset and all the citizens of Pawnee mourned that famous little pony. Well, everyone except for Ben Wyatt. In a twist of fate, Ben Wyatt just didn’t understand the hype.

It is kind of a funny thing. Everyone else weirdly loves this miniature pony and the one character you’d think would love it doesn’t at all. He just doesn’t understand why everyone is so obsessed with a pony.

And the fact that the reoccurring theme of the show was Li’l Sebastian coming to Ben and Leslie at significant parts of their lives is truly one of the funniest bits on a television show. Ben seemed to hate the pony for no reason other than he just didn’t get it.

But it is just a way to show how smart this show really is. They’re not blatantly throwing the joke in our face but it is just a nice thing to witness throughout the series. Honestly, it just shows how Ben doesn’t really belong in Pawnee.

He is an outsider who came in and stayed because he found people who were there for him and willing to help him grow as a person.