Trading Spaces Returns To Television After A 10 Year Hiatus


Trust your neighbors enough to allow them to redesign a room in your home? The classic home re-design show, Trading Spaces, returns to television.

One of the first popular home improvement reality television shows was Trading Spaces. The premise was simple. Two neighbors switch homes and redesign spaces for each other. Sometimes the remodels were fantastic but many remodels were absolute disasters. Of course, the disasters were the best part of the show. TLC recently announced that Trading Spaces will return after a 10 year hiatus.

The original Trading Spaces launched many interiors designers’ celebrity careers. Vern Yip, Genevieve Gorder and Ty Pennington all appeared on the show. Today these designers have home design brands of their own. Who doesn’t remember Ty Pennington screaming “Move that bus!”

The glue that kept the homeowners calm and the designers on track was host Paige Davis. Her infectious, bubbly personality helped ease many tensions. It couldn’t be easy trying to convince anxious homeowners that burnt orange walls or dark green cabinets would look good once the television cameras went away. Davis’ return for the reboot is unknown.

While an exact return date for the revamped Trading Spaces hasn’t been announced, one can only wonder the changes for the new version. Previously homeowners had just $1,000 and two days to redesign a room. Anyone who has re-designed anything in a house knows that $1,000 barely makes a dent in a remodel. Hopefully, the budget increases at least some or some show sponsors will offer some deep discounts.

Personally, I hope the revamped Trading Spaces adds a little drama to the new series. Thoughts like making family members redesign one another’s home could amp up the bickering level. Think about the tension around the Thanksgiving table.

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The new Trading Spaces is expected to return to TLC in 2018.