Things Get Pretty Weird (and Pretty Awesome) in the First Dimension 404 Trailer


The Dimension 404 trailer has arrived in our spacial plane of existence and time, and it looks like the lovechild between Twilight Zone and Goosebumps.

With little knowledge as to what exactly Dimension 404 was about prior to this trailer, I was hoping it would give me a pretty clear idea of what to expect when the show hit Hulu on April 4. Of course, it’s an anthology series, which instantly means it’s going to be radical. Anthology shows — which are clearly growing in popularity thanks to things like True Detective and the plethora of Ryan Murphy shows — provide a way for shows to introduce concepts of extreme magnitude without bearing the responsibility of answering all the audience’s questions by season’s end. They get to leave a lot more open to interpretation.

But if the first trailer for Dimension 404 is any indication, it’s time to prepare your mind for a wild, wild ride. Dimension 404 looks trippy and cerebral, which is another growing trend for television shows. Plus, it packs a really big cast that will help the audience reconnect to reality. If that’s their intent.

Check it out below:

I don’t often disagree with Patton Oswalt, but I’m sorry, dude, this isn’t going to suck. He’s playing a character named Uncle Dusty, which is suspiciously on the nose. But I’ve been waiting for a show that could tackle the dark spaces of the internet without looking too campy or taking itself too seriously. And to do that, you need a guy like Mark Hamill holding your hand along the way as the Narrator who sounds just like his alter-ego Joker but not so much so that it takes you out of the … dimension.

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Basically, Dimension 404 will try to tell you exactly what happens when your tech takes an ugly turn. Do not click back. Do not reload.

Dimension 404 hits Hulu on April 4.