25 of the most toxic relationships on TV

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Photo: YouTube/FOX

Brenda and Dylan

I’m not sure any teenage romance is without it’s elements of toxicity and poison. Brenda and Dylan started dating when they were only 16, and they went on to suffer a lot of heavy stuff. Their relationship was volatile on a good day, but at it’s worst times it was destructive and downright harmful.

Brenda’s father didn’t approve of the hunky bad boy, so every time she walked out the door to see him, it caused and argument, and resulted in a slamming door. Mr. Walsh could see the permanent damage Dylan was doing to damage, but even though he tried to work toward Brenda’s best interest, she couldn’t see past her hormones and her lust. She wound up running straight out of the Walsh house and into Dylan’s house where they shacked up for a little while. Of course, Dylan promptly got tired of his houseguest and sent her packing.

Over the course of their relationship Dylan struggled with addiction, cheated on her with her best friend, and pretty much just outgrew her generally. The harder he pulled way, the harder she pushed, resulting in a calamitous few years. Thank goodness Kelly was there to straighten him up, and offer a more healthy alternative. For the most part.