J.K Rowling Will Always Be Our Queen, Especially on Twitter


When it comes to celebrity Twitter accounts, J.K Rowling takes the cake. Hers is clever and loving to fans and we love her even more for it.

J.K Rowling is our favorite for a multitude of reasons. One being that she is single handedly responsible for our favorite series. Without her, we would not have the adventures of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley.

But in recent years, that love has shifted. Not because our love of the Harry Potter series has dwindled. In fact, it has only increased over the years. But rather our love for Rowling and what she has chosen to do outside of Harry Potter has made us love her even more.

From her charity work to her Twitter account, Jo makes sure her fans are never lost for joy when it comes to her. She gets in fights with Piers Morgan and shows us that we don’t have to sit quietly just because someone tells us we should.

The thing about this world is that sharing your opinions can now seem like a terrible thing to do. But Rowling continues to teach us that our voices are our greatest weapons. By standing up for our beliefs and fighting for what we believe in, we’re doing what Jo always taught us to do.

The Harry Potter series was one that gave us all a sense of determination and, in the words of Helena Bonham Carter to me, “Those books made your generation some of the smartest people I’ve ever had the chance to speak to”.

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So Jo, thank you. You’re an easy person to love. You use your voice for good and you have taught your fans so much. Basically, we’re proud to be your fans.