The Gay Girl’s Guide to TV and Movies: What to Watch

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Webseries you need to see.

These are some webseries you can find on youtube. Each one is deserving of their own slot on prime time in my opinion.

The Leslie

Not your typical coming out story because it’s not a coming out story at all- it’s the story of what happens right after you come out. Where do you go to pick up girls? How do you deal with girls who are “spaghetti?” Do you or do you not wear a snapback? How much can one actually crush on girl next door Alex? It’s funny. It’s well-written. It’s relatable. And there’s a season two coming in hot.


Based off the Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu novella, this web series is bringing the story of a lesbian vampire to screen and it’s hitting it out of the park. They have three seasons that are easily binge-able in a day and they’re currently working on a movie! Stay tuned for that.

It’s Complicated

What could possibly go wrong when you’re living with your ex-boyfriend and begin to realize that maybe you’re into girls? Find out in the web series It’s Complicated. Skye goes on a journey to discover her sexuality and her roommate ex-boyfriend is getting dragged along for the ride. A season 2 is currently in the works for this one.


Katie Stuart is starring in this new web series that hasn’t fully come out yet. The first episode can be found on youtube. A girl who recently came out as gay finds herself pregnant with a guy she had a one night stand with.  I’ll warn you though that once you watch this first episode, you’ll be wanting to watch the rest of them.