The Gay Girl’s Guide to TV and Movies: What to Watch

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Shows to binge watch.

These are the shows that were cancelled way too soon but you’re going to want to binge watch them anyway. Just don’t get too attached…

Lost Girl

Like what you read when I tell you about Wynonna Earp? Then you’ll definitely want to check out Lost Girl, as one of the writers was Emily Andras and we all know she’s the queen of gay genre-tv. Bo and Lauren go on one hell of an adventure ride together through the 5 seasons that Lost Girl was on Syfy, and lucky for you, all of those episodes are conveniently on Netflix.

South of Nowhere

One word- Spashley. Honestly, this is the greatest tv show in existence and everyone should be watching it. I’m convinced that the reason more people aren’t watching it is because it’s not available on any streaming service. You can buy the second and third seasons on iTunes but if you want the first season, you need to take a trip back to the early 2000’s and buy yourself the DVD. I know. Tough life. But I promise you it’ll be worth it.

Black Mirror

Hear me out. I’m not saying go binge watch the entirety of Black Mirror, although go for it if you want to (it’s a great show). I’m saying just watch one episode of it. That episode is “San Junipero” and it’s right on Netflix in the show’s third season. Black Mirror has stand-alone episodes so basically, you don’t have to watch them all to understand the premise of one. And this one in particular is making a mark on the queer fandom.

One Day at a Time

I need to admit something- I’ve actually never watched One Day at a Time. Not because I don’t want to! It’s because I have no time yet. But I can say with full confidence that it features one of the best coming out stories on television. Now, will that compare to South of Nowhere or Supergirl? Well, I’m not sure so feel free to comment with your opinions! What I’m saying is that you need to go binge this Netflix original and so do I. Deal?