Alicia Vikander Definitely Looks Like Video Game Lara Croft in New Tomb Raider Pics


Forget robots and Oscars, Alicia Vikander looks just like the video game version of Lara Croft come to life in the photos of 2018’s Tomb Raider film.

In 2013, the Tomb Raider franchise was rebooted for a new audience as they redesigned the iconic character of Lara Croft, one of the most important female video game characters of all time. They made her beautiful but not hyper-sexualized, tactical but no invincible, and added a ton of heart to a character who was younger and just starting to find her way. In additon to dropping her in a beautiful and threatening island setting, suddenly the Tomb Raider game gave us a protagonist that practically begged for a second chance at the big screen.

As soon as Tomb Raider movie was announced, fans clambered to come up with the best actress for the role. Many vouched for Daisy Ridley, who had the perfect face and persona of young ingenue. But the role ultimately went to Alicia Vikander in April 2016.

And now I understand why.

Because when you see her in the outfit — yeah, just standing there — she looks amazing. I mean, I don’t know how what exactly they cast her based on, whether it was her Oscar or previous performances, but if someone drew up a mock draft of the pictures seen below, I would’ve thrown my money at Vikander, too.

Check it out:

As you can see in the tweet, the pants are cause alone for excitement. But also, she’s wearing boots. Not even like sexy heeled boots that are clearly impractical … just boots. And she’s got her red climbing ax. That’s straight out of the game. I love it so much for the details that go beyond her pants.

Plus, the setting looks like an island. Which means they’re probably sticking a lot closer to the 2013 game than we were originally expecting. In the game, Lara Croft and her crew are shipwrecked on the island Yamatai. Not only doing they have to survive the elements and the island, but there’s also a crazy cult trying to sacrifice Lara’s best friend to the sun god.

So, if they stay close to the game’s storyline, we’ll see an inexperienced Lara Croft falling down mountains and trying to save her best friend, Sam, with a generous helping off of lesbian subtext. Because Lara was totally into Sam, no questions asked. Though, no other actress has been listed on IMDB. Right now, it’s Vikander and three other dudes as the villain, the ship’s captain, and Lord Croft.

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Okay, now that I approved of Alicia Vikander’s casting, let me just ask: how is she with a bow and arrow?

Tomb Raider hits theaters on March 16, 2018.