All of Outlander Season 1 Episodes: Ranked

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3. “Lallybroch” Episode 12

In the episode, “Lallybroch” the real star of the show is Scotland. You can’t help but look at the landscape and say Claire and Jamie riding down to the farm are just window dressing. What we enjoyed about this episode was you get a chance to see the fiercely loyal, yet a dysfunctional Fraser family. You thought your family was insane; I’m pretty sure you have nothing on this house.

Jamie comes back to his home after years on the run, and he figuratively sticks his foot in his mouth. Calling your sister a whore is not how you start a family reunion. After several choice words from Jenny, she explains what exactly happened with Randall. During a private moment, Jamie tells Claire offer of sex Randall made him. He tells her the reason he said no was his fear Randall would have some power over him.To think one person could inflict so much damage on one family is horrific and is also Randall’s evil superpower.

Jenny and her husband Ian have been running Lallybroch while Jamie has been away. Jamie wants to jump into being the Laird and everything that entails. Claire would rather they keep a low profile but knows there’s no use arguing with him. I loved seeing Claire and Jamie at peace even though at times they were in disagreement. Since Jamie has accepted the fact Claire is from a different era he wants her to agree that he might know better than she does in situations. Easier said than done but he isn’t wrong.